Memoirs of a Warrior Dragon Slayer: There's Room for More

Memoirs of a Warrior Dragon Slayer: There's Room for More

Yessica Reedy has learned to transition victimization and weakness into strength, but she’s not alone.

Memoirs of a Warrior Dragon Slayer breaks the silence of abuse. She gives her experiences with boundaries as the door to domestic violence with her continued struggle with C-PTSD. Childhood sexual trauma and the gray areas of date rape are given with transparency. Her blunt force approach to mental health will take you through her battle with depression and suicide, and the steps she took to break the cycle.

As a stay at home Mom, she learned to advocate for her children with autism. She helped families conceive as a 3 time surrogate mother, later suffering her own miscarriage. When her marriage ended, she learned what domestic violence was, after experiencing how it felt. She gives you the language of emotional and financial abuse.

Her transition from a welfare mom in poverty, to becoming a businesswoman is a journey that she’s not alone in. Memoirs of a Warrior Dragon Slayer: There’s Room for More touches on many issues facing modern women with vulnerability, transparency and hope.

When I first started the blog, it was at a time when I was struggling to write again. I was so shattered by the idea that my love of reading and writing could destroy a marriage. The blog was born and it looked like free therapy.

Things have come full circle. I really love being an ex wife with shared custody and I never imagined it could feel so great.

It was time to write the book. The last day of August 2018, I started outlining the important things I wanted to share.

Over the next 16 days I went to work, took care of dinner and housework, spent time with kids and family, and wrote the first draft of my book. I let it sit for two weeks, and the real work began.

In editing, I was no longer giving a timeline of events but digging deeper into trauma I felt I had gotten past. I had an emotional flashback that floored me. I felt so broken and taken back to a painful place. I started to wonder if I was strong enough to share it all. That hesitation told me that I am. I can’t expect to shift the perspective of the world beyond me if I’m unwilling to share a deep and intimate look at the things I’ve been terrified to share.

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