18581606_1511586575558850_3624739637889663499_n I was home on a weekend.  I have been home on a lot of weekends lately.  A friend posted something in a Facebook group, then waved at me on messenger.  I took the opportunity to thank him for all of the inspiring posts he shares.  It's about being an entrepreneur and deciding if it's to be, it's up to me.  He then asked if I'd be interested in selling toothpaste.  I mean, it wasn't even that aggressive of a pitch.  He had me share a post, and below is a slightly edited version of it:

Allow me to introduce you to this whitening toothpaste that has been exploding on social media! For me to promote something like this is a huge deal, as I have always been so skeptical about things like this! But, it actually WORKS!! And fast!! It's super effective without making your teeth sensitive!

The best part- The product has: 🚫 No Bleach 🚫 No Peroxide (or harsh chemicals) 🚫 No Sugar Strengthens teeth, no more teeth sensitivity 8 Patents, dentist recommended Safe for Kids (they ❤️ it) Removes wine/soda/coffee & nicotine stains Whitens caps & veneers Restores whiteness quickly and naturally Prevents plaque from sticking to teeth Great taste (really great!) sweet mint 😃 Way less $ than whitening strips & lasts a couple months


Within hours I had enough money in my Venmo account to pay the distributor's cost for the toothpaste, ship it out to my friend, and make a profit that has had me repeating the process.

He also sent me a sample of the toothpaste.

I've used whitening toothpastes before.  I've used one that made my teeth sensitive and was told by the dentist to rotate it out with regular toothpaste to avoid the sensitivity.  I've had some that were abrasive and grainy, but this is not.  I've never tried whitening strips or trays, and I'm not sure I would.  This is as simple as brushing your teeth.  And the taste is kid friendly.  It's not "too hot" as my littles have said.  I reached out to a dentist friend and he was surprised.  He said he remembers it from many years ago and he was excited that it's back.

The support I've gotten from the friend that enlisted me and the team is incredible.  They're teaching me so much about social media marketing.  Their encouragement is helping me to stay focused and positive. On top of that, the profits in just a handful of posts have been enough to cover my electric bill that comes every other month.

If you're interested in buying the toothpaste:

Click here for Whitening Toothpaste in Oral Care

If you want to be part of a dynamic team as a distributor and entrepreneur on your own, please click on the website but also contact me through Facebook so I can coach you through it and keep it as fun as it has been for me.

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Most of the work I do is from my phone.  I post on Facebook.  I comment.  I direct message through messenger.  I order from my laptop.  It is delivered to my home and I ship it out the next day from the post office on my lunch break.  It's really simple.

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