How I Started Selling Whitening Toothpaste and How You Can Too


I was home on a weekend.  I have been home on a lot of weekends lately.  A friend posted something in a Facebook group, then waved at me on messenger.  I took the opportunity to thank him for all of the inspiring posts he shares.  It's about being an entrepreneur and deciding if it's to be, it's up to me.  He then asked if I'd be interested in selling a business opportunity.  I mean, it wasn't even that aggressive of a pitch.  He had me share a post. My friends responded with questions and he gave me answers to offer.  They placed orders, I collected money.  I took that collected money to place a bulk order.  The product arrived and I mailed it off.  It was super simple.  

Within hours I had enough money in my Venmo account to pay the Brand Ambassador's cost for the products, ship it out to my friends, and make a profit that has had me repeating the process.

The support I've gotten from the friend that enlisted me and the team is incredible.  They have taught me so much about social media marketing.  Their encouragement helped me stay focused and positive. 

I have an amazing opportunity for those who want to make πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° using ONLY Mobile πŸ“± on FB! It is so simple and so rewarding.πŸ˜‡

If you want to be part of a dynamic team as a Brand Ambassador and entrepreneur on your own, please contact me through Facebook so I can connect you to my coach.  I wouldn't trust anyone else but the man and the team that first showed me the ropes. The team will guide you through it and keep it as fun as it has been for me. To get started, use the link below and expect my email connecting you to my coach. 

Click here to become a Brand Ambassador and learn more about social selling. 

Message me so I can add you to our closed group where you can get the training and tips needed for success. 

Look πŸ‘€ at all these zeroes.....

$0 to join

0 business kits to buy

$0 monthly minimums 

0 auto-ships

$0 website fee

Just have to have a πŸ“±, love social media❀️ and be coachableπŸ‘ŒπŸ» What would extra money do for you???

Most of the work I do is from my phone.  I post on Facebook.  I comment.  I direct message through messenger.  I order from my laptop.  It is delivered to my home and I ship it out the next day from the post office on my lunch break.  It's really simple.