Business Opportunities!!!!

Side Hustles

My sister Shawnalee has worked as a businesswoman but she’s also put her career aside to be home with her family. It’s the Mommy track. Your family needs you so your careeer is put on hold. In the times at home, she’s created income streams for herself while also informing her family and friends about products she believes in. There’s an opportunity to buy what she’s selling, but also an opportunity to become a consultant yourself.


I like Norwex products. I like that their dish rag has made me replace sponges and I haven’t had to spend more money on sponges and it’s been about a year. I like that it’s so green. I love the science and technology built into the products that have cut down on the cost of soap, sponges and paper towels while cleaning.

I use the EnviroCloth for all of my kitchen and bathroom cleaning. This is a big deal in a home with teenage boys. I’m no longer using harsh detergents that were unsafe for my skin. I use a cloth and water and I don’t need too much elbow grease.

They have body products as well. You can find deodorants, creams and lip balms that are safe for your family.

Most important to me is an opportunity to make money as a side hustle or as a stay at home parent.

Feel free to reach out to her on her Facebook Business Page or through her products page through Norwex.

Pampered Chef

I love kitchen gadgets. My sister does too. We get it from our late Grandmother. The first time I ever made an apple pie from scratch, it was in my sister’s kitchen in Oceanside many years ago. She had the Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer and I had fun. It was an afternoon of talking and cooking and there was so much fun in her gadgets that it didn’t feel like work. They offer parties and you can become a consultant for the discounts, but the most fun is in learning how their tools can take the work out of cooking. They have recipes to try on their site. It was a cooking lesson as well as time for my family to gather as a community within our family.

Their products help you turn the function of cooking into an artform that helps you show your loved ones how much they mean to you with each bite. Their tools support you to create a feeling and memories.

My earliest memories of my later Grandmother were of baking together. We made raisin challah and chocolate cakes every time we visited her in Houston. When she got older and her hands began to hurt, these gadgets would have made life easier for her with their ergonomic designs.

They have gifts for the family and all sorts of tools to help you create homemade holiday gifts.

Please reach out to Shawnalee through her Facebook Business Page or her Pampered Chef Page.