What does Crushing the Chrysalis Mean?

When my ex left me, I was told by our pastor that we were going through a rebirthing.  I had actually given birth to seven children at this point.  Childbirth is messy and painful, but there is a space to regroup between contractions.  There was beauty in the pain of childbirth, but it is nothing like what a broken family and total desertion felt like. I was drawn to butterflies.  They go through a transformation and they really don't pop out of a chrysalis.  They make an opening and leave it mainly whole.  I refuse that part.  I will crush and destroy the beast that created me as I emerge bigger and bolder than what held and transformed me.

I am drawn to butterflies.  I love seeing them on clothes, created as jewelry, on flowers in nature.  In the early days of the separation I got a butterfly tattoo.

I'm crushing my chrysalis with every single blog post.