About Yessica Reedy

 Yessica Reedy

Yessica Reedy

Born and raised as a native to Los Angeles, I’m inked, degreed, and employed.

I’ve been a daughter, sister, wife, mom, ex wife, girlfriend and surrogate mother, autism mom and advocate and a boss lady that knows how to hustle.

I write about whatever moves me and the blog is more of a playground than a business. When my life was falling apart, the idea of a butterfly that destroyed the cocoon that created it made me happy. I strive to crush my chrysalis with every word shared.

There’s a book coming soon and the dates aren’t solidified yet. It’s deeper and darker than the blog because it’s my truth. It’s all about being a Warrior Dragon Slayer.

My goal is to give the support I needed when I needed it the most. It’s about sharing my journey while finding my way through it.

If I'm authentically giving you who I am, you'll think of me with every sensory caress of the ocean, every fluttering butterfly, every rock you pick up and every man you see on a run.