Yessica Reedy

Yessica Reedy

I am a single Mom.  My marriage ended in early 2015.  I started this blog at the start of 2016.  I'm figuring out life and taking you on that ride. 

I am an autism Mom and a three time former surrogate mother. I've been told I'm an expert but I haven't convinced myself of anything other than loving my own voice now that I've found it. But I'm happy to share my thoughts and feelings.

I want to write a great big novel that makes you feel the many things I feel on any given day, but I haven't narrowed down a topic.  You'll notice I'm all over the place and have opinions on everything.

I believe in miracles and I'm a romantic.

If I'm giving you who I am, you'll think of me with every sensory caress of the ocean, every fluttering butterfly, every rock you pick up and every man you see on a run.

I spent nearly 18 years as Yessica Maher.

I am again Yessica Reedy.