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FB Live - Fearless Friday

[facebook url="" /] I wouldn’t want to be fearless. Fear is healthy.  It guides you in what you need to do and not do. You don’t want to be fearless.  You want to be brave in spite of fear.

My big freak out was about the 80’s color palette I use for my makeup and I remembered the time I was hiking in Sunken City.

It was dumb, but my fear is what kept me safe. I was being foolish in climbing past a “No Trespassing” sign, but cautious enough to know my limits.

In a conversation with the Co-CEO where I work, he observed that I am a strong person.  That comes from doing things in spite of fear. I’ve walked through the fire.  That wasn’t fearlessness, but through bravery through fear, I’ve become a really strong person.

Use your fear.  Don’t let it rule or own you.  Let it guide you.  When you face fear, your body will respond.  Listen to that reaction.  When you start to feel support . . . where opportunities come . . . where you are fed or given sustenance for what you need to endure, you are on the right path.

If you go through something hard, you will have rough days and miraculous moments.  Hold onto the miraculous moments.  Bravery rides in on the shoulders of fear.

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