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She explores life after marriage, starting a career in her late 30's, relationships, breaking cycles of abuse, online dating, self care, fertility and depression. 

It's all over the place, but so is living. 

FB Live - Let Me Encourage You

[facebook url="" /] I just want to encourage you.

I’m doing collections at work.  It’s a very first world problem and that makes it somewhat superficial.  This day was special.  There was a customer that was in a situation and she needed support.  What we provide supports her business which supports her family. But it’s basically a website and not necessary to run her business.

My gift to her and now to you: You are not your debt.  Who you are is what matters.

No one will rescue you, but you can get up and do it yourself.  You can ask for support, but no one will live this life for you.

There’s a cost to the life we get to live.

When I am low, I have to slow down.  When I can’t slow down, I shift my focus.  Will this matter in 5 hours? Will this matter in 5 years?

Shake it off.  Laugh it off.  Sing it off.

If what is making you happy is making you numb, it’s not the best option. That escape will leave the issue waiting for you to deal with when there is no escape and it will be harder. For me, it’s reading.  For others, it’s drug abuse or a sexual escape.

Having depression is not a life sentence unless you choose for it to be. Get help.  Always get help.

You are not a situation or an action that you have done.  I’m not a suicide attempt or the mom that had the baby blues.  The lesson is as painful and hard as it is, you get help.  You take medication.  You ask for help. You talk to people that want to help you and you accept support.  Don’t face depression alone.

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