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FB Live - Do Whatever It Takes or Take Whatever Excuse You're Handed

[facebook url="" /] My son was making many excuses for not calling me.  I explained that when you want to do something, you’ll do whatever it takes.  When you don’t want to do something, you take any excuse you can.

It’s a great barometer to see if you are where you want to be. Are you taking the excuse or making things happen?

Decide what matters to you.  What is valuable to you? The moment you decide something is an obstacle or an excuse is the moment you realize what you want.  Are you doing something you want to do or is it for someone else?

I don’t want my son to make excuses.  I wanted him to own the voice telling him he wasn’t ready to talk to me.  If he’s making excuses, he’s lying about choosing to do something he really doesn’t want to do.  I want him to own that.  I want my son to grow up knowing that what he knows, thinks and feels has value to me.

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